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  • Anasuya Bharadwaj corners Vijay Deverakonda and his movie ‘Liger’

    In a tweet, Tollywood’s finest anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj took a dig at Vijay Deverakonda. She quoted that without mentioning the person’s name.

    “Those who insult mothers will undoubtedly suffer, perhaps not right away. #NotHappyOnSomeonesSadness” but #RaithRestored”

    If you didn’t know, Anasuya Bhardwaj opposed the release of Arjun Reddy in 2017 since the movie has some provocative dialogue that is explicitly directed at women. When Arjun Reddy was released, she came out against the film and the actor, which at the time sparked a heated discussion.

    Today marked the five-year anniversary of the release of Arjun Reddy and Vijay Deverakonda’s new film “Liger” , released in theaters. This movie, which has been aggressively advertised and widely released, has received mixed reviews from both the crowd and the critics. Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Liger’ movie Review

    She targeted Vijay Deverakonda by making a connection between the five-year-old incidents and the release of “Liger” today. Let’s see how others react to her tweets.

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