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  • Anasuya Bharadwaj says she is missing the beach

    Tollywood’s gorgeous anchor/actress Anasuya Bharadwaj has a special place among the telugu audience. The renowned film artist has become busy with a handful of movies and Television shows. 

    On Instagram, Anasuya has a sizable fan base. The “Pushpa” starlet has a huge gallery of alluring images on Instagram. Her most recent beach photos have her followers in a frenzy. Anasuya shared some of her old photos that she had taken at an unidentified beach. Anasuya was observed admiring the beach while dressed casually in a T-shirt and shorts.

    With a curious caption, she gave her followers a hint that she was missing her beach chronicles.

    “I wonder If beach Misses Me.”

    Susank, Anasuya’s spouse, replied to her caption with the words “Yes, it does.”

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