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  • Anil Ravipudi: Crazy Comments on IPL and Rajamouli says he’ll pay 10,000 RS if someone punches Anil.

    Young director Anil Ravipudi is well-regarded in Tollywood for consistently delivering successful films. His recent collaboration with Balakrishna on ‘Bhagavanth Kesari‘ generated a massive box office revenue, exceeding ₹100 crores, and received widespread critical praise. Typically steering clear of controversies, Anil Ravipudi recently sparked a backlash with his remarks about the IPL at a film event, causing displeasure among IPL fans and cricket enthusiasts.

    What exactly happened?

    Director Anil Ravipudi attended the pre-release event of the movie ‘Krishnamma’ as a guest. He lavished praise on the lead actor Satyadev, endorsing ‘Krishnamma’ as an excellent film that audiences should enjoy with their families. Going further, Anil Ravipudi also touched on the topic of the IPL, making a lighthearted comment: “If you miss watching IPL matches for two days, the world won’t end. You can always catch up with the cricket scores on your phones. I encourage everyone to attend the first and second shows of the movies.”

    Fans Upset

    Anil Ravipudi’s comments have gone viral on social media, igniting a fiery response from IPL fans. They are coming with remarks  “Your movies also come on OTT and TV a month later, we’ll watch then.” They’re making it clear that commenting on others’ preferences isn’t appropriate, and they emphasize that if a movie is good, viewers will naturally head to theaters. They assertively state that no one should dictate their choices or actions.

    I’ll Pay ₹10,000 if You Punch Anil: Rajamouli

    At the Krishnamma event, Anil Ravipudi was joined by the acclaimed directors Rajamouli and Koratala Siva. During the event, Anil mentioned their films and expressed two wishes: one was to hear the release date of ‘Deva’ during Koratala Siva’s speech, and the other was to find out the opening day, genre, and story of ‘SSMB29’ during Rajamouli’s speech. Excited about these details, Anil conveyed his enthusiasm. Rajamouli, in his unique style, humorously responded, “I’ll give ₹10,000 to anyone who punches Anil Ravipudi while his face is covered.” This video has since gone viral on the internet.

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