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  • ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ Movie Review

    The film ‘Ante Sundaraniki,’ starring Nani and Nazriya, was released today in theaters. Because of the good promotion, teaser, trailer, and songs, the audience had high expectations for this film. After a while, audiences are excited to see Nani in a rom-com. With this film, actress Nazriya Farhadh made her Tollywood debut. 


    Sundar (Nani) and Leela (Nazriya) grew up together. Sundar, on the other hand, is Hindu, and Leela Thomas is Christian. In the family, they both strictly adhere to their rituals. They’ve been friends since childhood, and as they get older, they fall in love. But they are afraid to tell their families about their relationship. However, they both devise a strategy to persuade their families. What is their strategy? How will their families react if they learn of their children’s love affair? Will Sundar and Leela marry? The answer can be found in the theater.


    Vivek Atreya, the young director, paints the story in his own distinct style. His previous films, ‘Mental Madhilo’ and ‘Brochevarevarura,’ were also classics. He expertly crafted this rom-com with a straightforward plot and an engaging screenplay. The film tells the story of two very different families, Leela and Sundar’s. Nani and Nazriya’s chemistry was so strong that both actors were completely immersed in their roles. The story moves slowly at first.The film’s original theme, on the other hand, begins before the intermission. The director was then able to entice the audience to join the story’s journey. Athreya used genuine and clean humour where it was needed in the film, with no unnecessary comedy. Emotional and comedic elements appeared to be on par. In a really elegant way, the filmmaker managed to convey to the viewers what he wanted to say through this story.


    Nani shines as the innocent boy next door in the role of ‘Sundar.’ Despite the fact that this is Nazriya’s first time acting in Telugu cinema, she has done an excellent job. Naresh, Tally Rohini, Nadia, and Azhagam Perumal all did an outstanding job in their roles. The entire cast performed admirably in their roles. In this film, Amrita Harsha plays a memorable character.

    Technical Aspects

    Vivek Atreya demonstrated his abilities once more. He was successful in portraying what he truly desired. Regardless of the songs, the music director, Vivek Sagar, kept the audience connected to the story with his amazing background music. Mythri Movie Makers’ production values are high. The visuals of cinematographer Nikit Bomme are a huge plus for this film. 


    • Nani,
    • Nazriya Farhadh
    • Story
    • Background music


    • First half lags
    • Songs not that promising.

    Rating: 3.5