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  • Anupama Parameswaran: Did she charge that much for ‘Tillu Square’?

    The name Anupama Parameswaran brings to mind classy looks and sophisticated roles. However, those who have seen her in the movie ‘DJ Tillu 2’ are changing their opinions.

    Because the recently released trailer of ‘DJ Tillu 2’ has everyone gaping at her. The trailer suggests that Anupama has boldly flaunted her charms in the movie.

    In a particular scene with the hero, Siddhu, shown in the latest trailer, she appears in an intense kissing scene, leaving Anupama’s fans astonished. They are questioning if this is the same Anupama they have known all along.

    Previously, Anupama had shocked everyone with her kissing scenes with the new lead, Ashish, in the movie ‘Rowdy Boys’.

    She didn’t limit herself to just one lip-lock scene in this movie. Anupama locked Ashish’s lips with hers in four to five scenes, giving him no room to breathe.

    Anupama also agreed to bedroom scenes in ‘Rowdy Boys’, where she acted uninhibitedly, making the romance scenes the talk of the town after the movie’s release.

    Afterwards, in movies like ‘Karthikeya 2′ and ’18 Pages’, she appeared more conventional, reminding us of the old Anupama. In these films, she captivated with her beauty and performance.

    Now, in ‘DJ Tillu 2’, she has completely unleashed herself. Along with appearing hot, she has performed intense lip-kiss scenes, a first of its kind role for her.

    Film circles are buzzing with the news that Anupama demanded a hefty remuneration for giving such a glamourous treat.

    Having previously charged between one to one and a half crore per movie, it’s said that Anupama received up to two crores for ‘Tillu Square’.

    The cine circles are discussing if this is the real reason for her glamour show. If the movie hits big, she aims to maintain this remuneration, it seems.

    Anupama, the Kerala Kutty, became a heroine with the Malayalam movie ‘Premam’. She made her Telugu debut with ‘A Aa’, starring Nithin.

    She then acted in movies like ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’, ‘Vunnadi Okate Zindagi’, ‘Hello Guru Prema Kosame’, appearing in traditional roles without crossing the line.

    She also shined as a journalist in the latest movie of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja, ‘Eagle’, delivering a commendable performance.

    Additionally, she acted in a Tamil movie named ‘Siren’, which is set to create buzz in theaters this week.

    Currently, according to Wikipedia, she is acting in a Malayalam movie titled ‘JSK Truth Shall Always Prevail’, which is currently shooting.

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