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  • Are ‘Bimbisara’ and ‘Sita Ramam’ bringing the Tollywood Boxoffice back to life?

    A film’s content is its true self. Filmmakers will surely draw large crowds to the theatres if they produce excellent content. This has been demonstrated once more by the positive reception two new movies, “Sita Ramam” and “Bimbisara,” had when they were both released on August 5. No director or producer would dare release two big-budget movies on the same day, but Vyjayanthi Movies and NTR Arts did so because they knew each movie had a niche audience that would help it withstand the competition at the box office. Guess what? In theatres, both movies are playing to packed houses.

    Bimbisara’s opening day overseas revenue was $100,000. On its first day, the movie brought in 6.3 crores in share and 13 crores in gross; these numbers are predicted to increase throughout the weekend. The film has already recouped half of its initial investment with day one box office receipts. Without a doubt, “Bimbasura” will become a box office success.

    Audiences all over the world are awed by his captivating mystical love story in “Sita Ramam.” On day one, “Sita Ramam” outperformed “Bimbisara” in terms of overseas box office revenues. Additionally, the movie is doing well in regional theatres. The movie presently has a 9.8 IMDb rating and 97 percent positive Bookmyshow reviews. The movie brought in $200,000 on its first day in America.

    Many celebrities and members of the industry are tweeting their appreciation for both movies. The popularity of these two movies is regarded as a triumph for the entire movie business. The past several months have been difficult for the industry. The number of people visiting theatres has declined as a result of increasing ticket prices and the preference for streaming content. It is also reported that shootings were halted for a while to address this. However, based on the current scenario, it is evident that if the filmmakers can produce an excellent picture at an affordable ticket price, the public will undoubtedly support their film by visiting theatres.

     Megastar Chiranjeevi recently tweeted talking about the same

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