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  • Are you a digital creator? You can be the next super host at SIIMA awards 2022. Enroll now

    This is an excellent opportunity for the digital creators of South India who want to showcase their talents at a global level. The South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA) are looking for digital creators from the south of India who could also host their awards show.

    SIIMA is inviting digital creators across South India to take part in their SIIMA Super Host contest. The shortlisted candidate will be given an opportunity to host the SIIMA 2022 red carpet and interview the biggest stars of south India.

    The content creators from both genders aged between 18 and 30 years can share their social media profiles, ie., YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to “superhost@siima.in” or whatsapp at 7416960304

    Hurry Up!

    YouSay News & Entertainment is looking for proficient English content writers with either experience or a strong passion for writing to join our team. Email:contentte@yousay.tv