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  • As of now, “Sita Ramam” has more bookings than “Bimbisara” in this week’s Telugu movie releases

    This Friday, “Bimbisara” by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram and “Sita Ramam” by Dulquler Salman will compete at the box office. With their intriguing trailers and pre-release promotions, these two movies have boosted audience expectations.

    Both films’ bookings have begun in the Telugu states and the US. Telugu cinema producers, distributors, and exhibitors are expecting for the success of these films despite the ongoing crisis in the Telugu film industry. However, the situation for both movies appears to have not changed since the bookings for both of these movies have fallen short of expectations.

    “Sita Ramam” is a love romance with a wartime backdrop, and “Bimbisara” is a historical action drama. Trade and industry analysts expected “Bimbisara” to have an advantage over “Sita Ramam,” but surprisingly, “Sita Ramam” slightly performs better than “Bimbisara” in terms of bookings. Even though neither movie has received particularly strong single-screen bookings, multiplexes have seen decent bookings.Although the booking figures may radically change in the evenings, Dulquler Salman’s “Sita Ramam” is currently in the lead.

    While “Sita Ramam” has 860+ screens in both Telugu states, “Bimbisara” has 975+ screens total across the Telugu states. The success for these movies will be mostly by word-of-mouth and reviews.

    The Ticket Prices for these films are as follows

    MovieTelanganaAndhra pradesh
    BimbisaraSingle screens 150/- Multiplex 200/-Single screens 147/-Multiplex 177/-
    Sita RamamSingle screens 150/- Multiplex 195/-Single screens 147/-Multiplex 177/-
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