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  • Ashtadigbandhanam Review: A Fresh Suspense Thriller! What’s the Buzz?

    Telugu suspense thrillers never fail to grab eyeballs. There’s something about their captivating plots that hooks the audience. The renowned Director Baba PR, after his directorial debut with ‘Saidulu’, has ventured into the suspense genre. Vishika Kota, remembered for her role as a younger Tamannaah in ‘Racha’, graces the screen as the leading lady. Meanwhile, Surya Bharat Chandra, known for his short film performances, takes the lead role in ‘Ashtadigbandhanam’. Let’s delve into the essence of the film.

    Plot Unveiled:

    Shankar, a rowdy sheeter who works for a political leader, is envious of his colleague Rowdy Sheeter securing an MLA ticket. He approaches the political leader Ramulanna, expressing his desire to compete as well. The condition? A cool sum of Rs.50 crores for the ticket. As Shankar strategizes with his gang, our protagonists, Surya and Vishika Kota, find themselves entangled in his scheming web. The unfolding mystery? Unearthing the location of Rs 100 crore given to Shankar by the Political leader and deciphering the mastermind behind the grand plot. The movie unravels these mysteries with exciting twists.

    Film’s Verdict:

    An echoing dialogue from the trailer sets the film’s tone: “This War is not for Kingdom… Not for Land,  not for royalty or might, but for ego. A conflict sparked by ego only ceases when the ego disappears when the person dies.” Baba P.R. masterfully weaves this ethos into the film’s fabric. The narrative questions the ramifications of ego-driven actions. The initial half is straightforward, but an engaging twist at the interval keeps viewers glued for what’s next. Though a few narrative elements might raise eyebrows, on the whole, it’s a delightful watch for thriller aficionados.

    Performance Highlights:

    In a cast of fresh faces, Presh’s portrayal stands out. Bharat Chandra delivers a satisfactory performance as the male lead. Vishika Kota, with her radiant charm, steals scenes and introduces an unexpected character twist. Mahesh Raoul, in the shoes of the antagonist Shankar, exudes menace brilliantly, particularly in action sequences. The ensemble cast contributes commendably to their roles.

    Technical Take:

    On the technical front, the film scores high. Jackson Vijayan’s music composition, coupled with stirring songs and BGM, enhances the movie’s ambiance. Action sequences are crafted well, though a tighter edit by Satya in certain segments would have been the icing on the cake.


    Engrossing thriller narrative

    Cliffhanger at the interval

    Stellar depiction of the antagonist, Shankar


    Occasional logical oversights

    Few scenes seem out of place

    Final Thoughts: If suspense thrillers are your jam, this one’s a treat!

    Rating: 3.5/5.
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