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  • At a zoo, an enraged lion rips off a visitor’s finger. Check this viral video

    Humans are unworthy of nature’s generosity. This has been demonstrated numerous times through a number of incidents.The above remark is supported by a recent incident at a zoo park.

    An incident occurred lately at a zoo in Jamaica. One of the guests teased the lion in an attempt to impress his pals and other visitors. He attempted to tame the lion by petting its face and hair at first. He later thought that the lion wouldn’t harm him even if he did something stupid. He continued to tease the wild animal by repeatedly showing his hand through the fence. The lion did not like the visitor’s gesture, and it bit the man’s hand and fingers. It refused to let go until the man’s finger was ripped off. He was able to escape the situation by losing one of his fingers.

    This video has gone viral on the internet. The majority of the public took a stand against the overconfident visitor. They went so far as to say that everything has a limit and that anything beyond that limit isn’t humorous at all. Many memes were also attached to the tweet. Take a look.

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