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  • Audience love Lavanya Tripati’s ‘Happy Birthday’ teaser & it crossed 2Mn+ views

    Mythri Movie Makers have unveiled the first teaser of Lavanya Tripati and Vennela Krishore’s upcoming film ‘Happy Birthday’. This film is directed by ‘Mathu Vadalara’ director Ritesh Rana. The expectations for this film were very high as this film marks Lavanya Tripati’s first lady-oriented movie. This upcoming film, which is set to be released on July 15, stars Naresh Agastya, Satya, and Vennela Kishore in key roles.

    Teaser Analysis

    The teaser begins with a hilarious discussion. “Intintiki Gunnu eduruleni funnu,” says the narrator. These lines from an uncredited actor suggest that the film is set against the comedic backdrop of legalization of guns. Rithvik Soodi, played by Vennela Kishore, is a high school dropout turned politician who passes a bill that legalizes the arms. The city is thrown into chaos as a result of this choice. Throughout the trailer, the ‘No Gun No Entry’ boards are clearly displayed. In terms of Lavanya’s appearance and role, she looks magnificent in a gold bodycon gown and appears to have increased the glitz in this flick. The filmmaker kept Lavanya’s role a secret; in this teaser, he doesn’t say anything about her role, which makes us eagerly await the trailer. Lavanya is only seen dancing and blasting the heads off the bad guys with a machine gun. With his cheeky punch lines, Vennela Kishore brings the teaser to a close. This teaser is an absolute winner that will run the audience’s minds until the release of the film.

    ‘Mathu Vadalara’, director Ritesh Rana’s previous film, breathed new life into the comedic thriller genre. In his previous project, he successfully explored all of the themes. ‘Happy Birthday,’ his upcoming film, has high expectations from audiences. In its one style of craziness, the teaser appears to be incredibly positive. In the midst of a hero-dominated era, Ritesh arrives with his new concepts. We can promisingly predict that audiences will love this upcoming film as no comedy film has ever been made in the backdrop of gun culture. The images and poster depict something that has never been seen in Tollywood before. His signature captions are noticeable throughout the trailer.

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