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  • Ayesha Khan: Did You Know These Secrets About the ‘Om Bheem Bush’  sultry Star Ayesha Khan?

    Rising star Ayesha Khan has swiftly captured the attention of the public following her appearance in the movie ‘Om Bheem Bush,’ where she starred opposite the comedic talent Priyadarshi, charming the Telugu audience with her allure. Her glamorous presence on social media has sparked conversations among netizens, suggesting that Tollywood may have discovered its next glamorous star. With Ayesha Khan’s name making waves online, many are curious to learn more about her. Who is Ayesha Khan, and what is her filmography? What does she enjoy, and what does she not? Join us as we explore the life and preferences of Ayesha Khan in this exclusive feature.

    Who is Ayesha Khan?

    A budding actress in Tollywood, Ayesha is just starting to make her mark as a heroine.

    Where was Ayesha Khan born?

    Ayesha was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    What is Ayesha Khan’s date of birth?

    September 13, 1992

    Who are Ayesha Khan’s parents?

    Ayesha comes from a middle-class family. Her parents are Shadab Khan & Mrs. Khan.

    Does Ayesha Khan have siblings?

    The beauty has two brothers. Her elder brother Shadab Khan works for a private company, and her younger brother, Shabaz Khan, serves in the Navy.

    How tall is Ayesha Khan?

    162 cm

    What did Ayesha Khan study?

    Ayesha has completed her intermediate education.

    Where did Ayesha Khan study?

    Her entire education took place in Mumbai.

    How did Ayesha Khan’s career start?

    Initially, Ayesha worked as a model. She is also recognized as a social media influencer.

    What turned Ayesha Khan’s career around?

    Participating in the Hindi ‘Bigg Boss 17’ season was a turning point in Ayesha Khan’s career, making her a household name through this reality show.

    How did Ayesha Khan enter acting?

    Ayesha began her acting career with the Hindi serial ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ on Star Plus channel. She later appeared in the Sony serial ‘Baalveer Returns’.

    What was Ayesha Khan’s debut film?

    She made her debut in Telugu cinema with ‘Mukhachitram’ (2022).

    What is Ayesha Khan’s latest film?

    Ayesha’s latest film is ‘Om Bheem Bush’, her second film. She showcased her glamour in the role of Rattalu in this movie.

    What are Ayesha Khan’s future projects?

    Ayesha is currently working on ‘Gangs of Godavari’ and ‘Lucky Bhaskar’, which are set to release soon.

    What is Ayesha Khan’s favorite food?

    Ayesha loves non-vegetarian food, especially chicken, mutton, and fish.

    Who is Ayesha Khan’s favorite actor?

    Akshay Kumar is her favorite actor.

    Who is Ayesha Khan’s favorite actress?

    Priyanka Chopra is her favorite actress.

    What is Ayesha Khan’s favorite color?

    Black and white

    What is Ayesha Khan’s favorite reality show?

    Bigg Boss

    Does Ayesha Khan have a boyfriend?

    There are rumors about her relationship with Munawar Faruqui, but she has not made any official statement on this.

    What is Ayesha Khan’s Instagram ID?


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