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  • Best place you can book for free. The Delhi Police Department’s Latest Tweet gone Viral

    The Internet is an amusing place. It brightens your day by bringing smiles to your face through funny memes and trolls. Many major corporate social media accounts make amusing comments that often go viral. The Delhi Police Department has also joined the crazy but important content sharing clan.

    The Delhi police recently came up with a super humorous tweet. In the tweet it’s written that, “‘Book’ your space. Possession soon. The living offer you certainly CAN resist! ’

    accompanied by a humorous newspaper advertisement describing the features of the vacant prison/remand cells. On social media, this post went viral. This post has spawned a slew of memes and trolls.

    The purpose of this publication is to enhance public knowledge regarding crime and the law. These types of posts have become increasingly common among all government departments’ social media accounts in recent times. They frequently create hilarious posts in order to raise awareness and convey their message.

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