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  • Best Toothpastes for Tooth Sensitivity: Tired of Wincing Every Time You Sip Cold Water? Check These Out!

    There’s nothing worse than that sharp jolt you feel when you take a sip of something cold or hot, right? Yep, that’s tooth sensitivity for you. Sometimes, it feels like a fleeting stab, but other times it’s like a prolonged ache that just won’t quit. One thing’s for sure, though, if you’re nodding your head to this, you might want to switch up your toothpaste game. India’s got a myriad of toothpastes claiming to fight sensitivity, but which ones genuinely pack a punch? YouSay did the heavy lifting for you, and here’s the lowdown:


    Dubbed as a heavy hitter in the sensitivity ring, Sensodyne promises relief if you commit to brushing with it twice daily. Users report feeling a change within a month – fewer stings and zings when they eat or drink. It also works its magic on gum health, keeping swelling and pain at bay.

    Colgate Sensitivity Toothpaste

    Beyond its cavity-fighting powers, this paste is reputed for safeguarding sensitive teeth. It strengthens enamel and fends off germs, making those discomforting moments with your favourite ice cream a thing of the past.

    Himalaya Herbal Sensitive Toothpaste

    A household name in India, Himalaya brings more to the table than just fresh breath. This herbal concoction is known for alleviating toothaches and putting a stop to gum bleeding. Plus, it’s got sensitivity sorted!

    Thermodent Sensitive Herbal Toothpaste

    Seeking immediate relief? Give Thermodent a whirl. Its herbal formula promises to tackle sensitivity head-on. With its anti-microbial properties, it’s not just a one-trick pony – it covers overall dental health.

    Aqua Fresh Toothpaste

    Here’s a toothpaste that doesn’t dilly-dally. It gets to the root of your sensitivity issues quickly. And while it’s tackling that, it’s ensuring your breath remains minty fresh.

    Fresh Mint Toothpaste

    A two-in-one, Fresh Mint offers protection against cavities while keeping sensitivity in check. Its minty zing leaves your mouth feeling fresh, and it’s packed with ingredients that tackle those pesky germs.

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