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  • Bhamakalapam 2 Movie Review: Priyamani’s ‘One Woman Show’.

    Cast: Priyamani, Sharanya Pradeep, Seerat Kapoor, Chaitu Jonnalgadda, Sudeep Ved, Aneesh, among others

    Writing and Direction: Abhimanyu

    Music: Prashant Vihari

    Cinematography: Deepak

    Editing: Viplav Naishad

    Streaming Platform: Aha

    Release Date: 16-02-2024

    Priyamani stars in the lead role of ‘Bhamakalapam’, which was previously released on an OTT platform and received good reception. Now, as a sequel, ‘Bhamakalapam 2’ has been released today. Although initially intended for theatrical release, it did not materialize, leading to its streaming on the Telugu OTT platform Aha. So, how is this movie? What new adventure has Priyamani embarked on this time? Let’s find out.


    Anupama (Priyamani), who runs a YouTube channel for cooking, finds herself in trouble with the disappearance of a Rs. 200 crore worth egg at the Kolkata Museum, from which Anupama’s family escapes in Part-1. The second part begins with her moving houses. Using the income from YouTube, Anupama starts a hotel and makes her maid, Shilpa (Sharanya), a partner. Unforeseen events lead Anupama into another dilemma, where she faces the challenge of stealing a rooster figurine worth Rs. 1,000 crores. What challenges does Anupama face? Why does this situation arise? What role does Zubeda (Seerat Kapoor) play? This forms the story.


    Priyamani breathes life into the role of Anupama. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in that role, carrying the entire story on her shoulders as a ‘one woman show’. Sharanya brings laughter throughout the film with her role. Seerat Kapoor captivates with her beauty and performance. Characters like Anthony Lobo, Tashire, and Sadanand are engaging. Brahmanandam entertains in a guest role. Other cast members have performed well within their scope.


    Building on the first installment’s story around an egg, director Abhimanyu switches to a rooster figurine as the central element in the sequel. While showcasing Anupama’s hotel, he introduces new characters like Zubeda and Anthony Lobo. The international smuggling scenes revolving around the rooster figurine are intriguing. However, giving guns to all characters created some confusion about who is targeting whom and why. Overall, Abhimanyu’s direction skills are commendable, successfully transitioning from an egg to a rooster figurine in this sequel. The climax hints at a potential ‘Bhamakalapam 3’.


    On the technical front (Bhamakalapam 2 Review In Telugu), every department has delivered commendable work. Prashant R. Vihari’s background score, Deepak’s cinematography, and Viplav Naishad’s editing are all well-executed. The production values are high.

    Plus Points

    – Priyamani’s performance

    – Twists

    – Technical team’s effort

    Minus Points

    – Some dragged scenes

    – Pre-climax

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 3/5

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