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  • ‘Bharat Ratna for Padma Shri Ghantasala’ A Massive Response for a Signature Campaign

    Padma Shri Ghantasala’s followers have petitioned for the late icon to be awarded the Bharat Ratna. Under the guidance of Sankara Nethralaya USA president Bala Indurti, Telugu art lovers from all over the world organized this campaign.

    The representatives of Telugu organizations from more than 28 countries have come together for the Bharat Ratna for the Padma Shri Ghantasala. On the occasion of the centennial celebrations of Sri Ghantasala, more than 110 TV programmes were conducted. Nandi Award winner, ‘Ganasamrat’ Dr. Mano, participated as the Chief Guest in the Zoom Meet event held on June 5, 2022. Representatives of Telugu organizations from more than 28 countries recollected the work and legacy of Padma Shri Ghantasala and decided to fight for the Bharat Ratna award for this late legend. Dr. Mano paid tribute to Ghantasala by singing some of his songs.

    ‘Bharat Ratna for Padma Shri Ghantasala’ campaign  was started by representatives from Telugu organizations from over 28 countries. More than 110 TV debates were held on the occasion of Sri Ghantasala’s centenary celebrations. Dr. Mano, the Nandi Award winner ‘Ganasamrat,’ was the Chief Guest at the Zoom Meet event on June 5, 2022. Representatives of Telugu organizations from more than 28 countries remembered Padma Shri Ghantasala’s efforts and legacy and resolved to fight for the late legend’s Bharat Ratna award. Dr. Mano sang some of Ghantasala’s songs in honor of him.

    Shailesh Lakhtakia (IFS) attended the ceremony and recalled Ghansala’s song “Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara,” which he composed in Hindi. Ghantasala’s daughter-in-law  joined the call from Chennai, also she  wished everyone well in their efforts. Ratna Kumar Kautur, the Founder and President of  Sri Sanskritik Kalasarathy in Singapore, praised the contributions of the 28 countries who took part in the event.

    Sankara Nethralaya Board Members Prasad Rani, Tabla maestros from Sydney  Adiseshu Kota, Telugu Bhagavata Pracharasamithi President, Bhaskar Vulapally, New Zealand Telugu Association President, Anita Mogilicherla, Jeevi Ramana from India (RACCA, Rajamahendravaram), singer, organizer.

    Shiva Nandana Admin, and others took part in the event. They recalled their admiration for Ghantasala tunes and the tenderness of the songs on this occasion. They requested the Center to honour Ghantasala with Bharat Ratna award, claiming that it represents the self-respect of 15 crore Telugus around the world. 

     Many eminent personalities from India, including Switzerland, Nigeria, Scotland, Denmark, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Brunei, Botswana, Mauritius, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, Bahrain, France, and New Zealand, collaborated with various Telugu national organizations in the United States. 113 TV episodes have been broadcast in Singapore, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Norway, London, and South Africa, according to the organizers. He further stated that the signature campaign to award Ghantasala the Bharat Ratna received a massive response. We YouSay urge all Telugu music fans to vote on change.org to award Shri. Ghantasala the ‘Bharat Ratna’.