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  • Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana Review: Movie is Captivating with Thrilling Elements.

    Cast: Shiva Kandukuri, Rashi Singh, Devi Prasad, Varshini Sounderajan, Shiva Kumar, Shafi, Surabhi Santosh, Sivanarayana, Venkatesh Kakumanu, and others.

    Director: Purushotham Raj

    Music Directors: Sricharan Pakala, Vijay Bulganin

    Cinematographer: Gautham Ji

    Producers: Snehal Jangala, Sashidhar Kasi, Karthik Mudimbi

    Release Date: March 01, 2024

    Tollywood has seen numerous detective movies over the years, from Chiranjeevi’s ‘Chantabbai’ to the recent ‘Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya’, all of which have provided immense entertainment to the audience. The latest addition to the detective genre is ‘Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana’. 

    However, director Purushotham Raj has taken an interesting turn by intertwining the detective narrative with mythological elements. Shiva Kandukuri plays the protagonist in this film. Let’s see how the movie is and did the detective managed to impress this time.


    Serial killings target women along the borders of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in ‘Bhoothaddam Bhaskar Narayana‘. The killer beheads the women and places evil eye dolls in their place. These consecutive murders become a perplexing case for the police. To solve this case, local detective Bhaskar Narayana (Shiva Kandukuri) steps in. What happened next? Did the detective solve the case? Or not? Who is this serial killer? To know these, one must watch the movie.


    Shiva Kandukuri has seamlessly fit into the role of a detective. He has showcased versatility in his performance. He brought energy to the lighter scenes in the first half and displayed strong impact in the serious scenes of the second half. Rashi Singh looked beautiful as the heroine and played a significant role as reporter Lakshmi. Shafi, Devi Prasad, Sivanarayana, Shiva Kumar, and others have lived up to their roles within their limits.


    Director Purushotham Raj has chosen an intriguing story. The way he blended the detective story with mythological elements is interesting. Presenting the hero as a perfect local detective connects well with everyone. The proceedings of the murders, the police investigation, the hero’s entry into the case, and the challenges he faces are all engaging. The twists in the second half increase the suspense. However, some scenes, especially in the first half, feel a bit theatrical and act as speed bumps. Overall, Purushotham Raj’s direction is engaging.


    Technically, the film stands high. The music, camera work, editing, and art departments have all delivered quality work. The background score is a major plus for the movie. The production values are evident, showing no compromise on the budget.

    Plus Points

    – Hero’s performance

    – Mythological backdrop in the story

    – Second half

    Minus Points

    – Some scenes in the first half

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 3/5

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