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  • BiggBoss 5 title Winner VJ Sunny was attacked by a Rowdysheeter

    With BiggBoss, VJ Sunny’s fate has completely changed; he has become a popular face among the audience. Sunny is set to make his hero debut in Tollywood. He has at least 2-3 projects in the works with reputable production companies.

    One should be aware that fame has its own set of issues. VJ Sunny recently experienced a similar occurrence. An unknown Rowdy Sheeter disrupted the filming of his debut film ‘ATM.’ The rowdy sheeter attempted to attack the BigBoss winner during the altercation. The film crew, on the other hand, was able to notify the authorities about Rowdy Sheeter. The cops eventually apprehended Rowdysheeter.

    According to the police, the rowdy sheeter may have staged this event to gain public attention. They also stated that they will conduct a thorough investigation into this incident.