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  • ‘Billa 4K’ special screenings on Prabhas’ birthday

    Telugu fans were accustomed to the star hero films being re-released. Special screenings of an idol’s most popular films are frequently held as part of fan celebrations of their favourite hero’s birthday. However, earlier there were only a few screenings. But, Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri’s re-release on his birthday significantly increased this number. In India, Pokiri was shown on about 400 screens. On the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday, fans are planning a record number of re-release screenings of popular Powerstars movies like Jalsa and Thammudu.

    Now, the Rebel Star Prabhas’s fans have also embraced this tradition. According to reports, on Prabhas’ birthday(October 23), theaters across India will screen the slick crime action movie “Billa”. This movie is reportedly being edited in 4K. While special screenings of “Chatrapathi” for Prabhas on his birthday were anticipated by movie fans, “Billa” was a surprise. The rumour is that “Billa” would have huge special screenings all throughout India and the US.

    Given the present scenario, NTR fans will also continue this custom on his birthday as well. This excitement over a re-release will continue in Tollywood.

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