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  • “Bimbisara” and “Karthikeya-2” to stream on?

    Recent box office successes like “Bimbisara,” “Sita Ramam,” and “Karthikeya-2” have Tollywood flying high. In addition to reviving the theater sector, these movies also taught future filmmakers and producers about the direction the business is going in.

    These films’ OTT rights are in high demand in the market as a result of their enormous success. Zee5, has acquired the OTT rights to “Bimbisara” and “Karthikeya-2.” In an attempt to reign in the Telugu cinema business, the Zee Entertainment corporation is taking proactive measures. Zee5 purchased the OTT rights to the movie “RRR” earlier this year. The company has begun co-producing movies for the Telugu audience. It appears like Zee is making big plans to settle down in South Indian Cinema.

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