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  • Bimbisara director is under pressure

    Young filmmaker Malladi Vassishta, the man behind the recent blockbuster ‘Bimbisara’, has wreaked havoc in Tollywood with the unexpected hit. The director is currently working on the script of “Bimbisara-2.” 

    Speaking about the project, Vassishta said, “Nandamuri Kalyan Ram has to finish his other projects before we can schedule shooting for ‘Bimbisara 2’. I have a lot of pressure because I have to meet audience expectations. For Part 1, they didn’t expect anything as they went to the theaters, saw a fantasy film, and it clicked. Everything about the film was a surprise for them. Now they are prepared to know what we are giving in part 2. More expectations and more pressure for me too, as I have to give them something new. It will have a connection to part one for sure. ” 

    Kalyan Ram’s untitled project is slated for release this December. Later, he will work with Vassishta on “Bimbisara-2.”

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