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  • Body deodorant advertising encourages rape culture, netizens shocked

    Body spray companies have a long history of using sexualized concepts to promote their products. Many fragrance companies in India make terrible advertisements to promote their products, but a fragrance brand called “Layer Shot” recently went overboard with their latest advertisement. Their commercial has received a lot of criticism. According to the public, the advertisement claimed to incite rape culture.

    The ads were telecasted in Sony Liv channel during a cricket match between England and New Zealand.

    In one of the advertisements our men are seen stalking a woman inside a supermarket.

    “We are four and this is just one, who will take the shot?,” one of the men says. One of the men grabs a bottle of Shot deodorant from the rack as the shocked woman watches them.

    Another advertisement depicts a group of men entering a room that had a young couple.

    Those men then proceed to approach the apparently stunned woman, only to take the Shot deodorant bottle that had been left in the room.

    The videos of these advertisements were shared on Twitter, sparking a debate among magazines over the fragrance brand’s sexual conduct.

    It sounds extremely uncomfortable to listen to, especially on live television in front of the entire family. Advertisements like these lead young individuals in the wrong direction. Thousands of women have been angered by this brand’s cheap advertising that promote rape culture. Some have urged consumer goods officials to take action against the brand, while others have expressed their displeasure in their comments.