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  • Breaking News: Are Tollywood producers considering going on strike?

    Breaking News: Tollywood producers are considering organizing a strike because the costs of making movies are getting out of control. The producers believe that one of the key factors contributing to the unhealthiness of this vibrant sector is actor compensation. In two to three days, the producers association plans to make a decision. If it is made, it will have a negative impact on everyone, especially because things have recently begun to improve following the Covid.

    The Telugu film business is now through its worst era in recent memory, as YouSay previously reported. As the success rate of the films fell to an all-time low, Tollywood’s income progressively plummeted. Going for the Film Business theatrical market is tough, even Tollywood is not immune to it.

    Actor compensation, along with other factors, is one of the causes of the industry’s doom, as we indicated in the post. With additional factors like exorbitant movie sets cost, rising ticket prices, and huge actor remuneration have become a burden for producers. We at YouSay believe that now is the appropriate time for actors and actresses to reflect on this troublesome matter.

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