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  • Bridegroom arrested for killing a man in his baraat ceremony. Take a look at this tragic video.

    A newlywed bridegroom caused chaos during his baraat ceremony by openly firing shots into the sky. Tragically, the revolver misfired and killed a man during the same event. The wedding guests are terrified as a result of this tragic incident.

    The incident occurred in Brahminagar, a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district. Manish Madhesia, the bridegroom, then fired bullets into the air to show off. Later, as he was putting the pistol back in his pocket, it accidentally fired. The bullet struck Officer Babulal Yadav of the Indian Army. Babulal Yadav is later discovered to be the true owner of the pistol.The injured man was rushed to the hospital by his family, but he died along the way. Manish Madhesia was arrested on his wedding day on suspicion of murder.


    It has long been a tradition in the North Indian states to demonstrate their pride by playing with lethal firearms. Many parts of Northern India continue to glorify gun culture. Specifically, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar. Despite the fact that gun culture is illegal in India, it continues to kill innocent people.

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