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  • ‘Can China create man-made hurricanes to attack us?’ Trump asked his official when he was president.

    The 45th President of the United States of America is Donald Trump. Trump’s four years in the White House have been marked by several controversies. His former aides have exposed some shocking information about him. Recently one of his former office officials revealed that Trump asked them if China was using secret technology to create a man-made hurricane to strike America. Trump went on to question if this was an act of war, and if so, if he could retaliate militarily.

    The former official said to an American outlet, “I was present When he questioned if China was creating man-made hurricanes to throw on us. He was curious to know whether the technology existed. I managed to keep it together until I returned to my office… I’m not sure how he would have learned of it… He was asking about it around the time he was questioning people about nuking hurricanes, maybe a bit before that.”

    Many former Trump administration personnel have come forward with horrifying information about the former President. President Trump, according to several of them, has proposed hitting the Dorian Hurricane with nuclear missiles. He thought this would diffuse the winds and quiet the storm down. He also wanted to launch a missile attack on Mexico and then blame the attack on another country.

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