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  • Top 10 Android Games: Unleash Your Inner Gamer
    New Phone Releases: Honor 70 Lite, OPPO X6, iQOO Z7, and More
    Cyber Delusions: The Dark Side of the Digital Age
    Best Wireless Earphones Under Rupees Ten Thousand ( Rs.10000/-)
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    Top 5 Tablets Under 30K in 2023: Dive into the Best Tablets Priced Below Rs.30k!

    Ever desired the expansive screen of a laptop with the handy portability of a smartphone? Enter the tablet! Presently, tech aficionados can’t seem to get enough of them. These gems are not just entertainment powerhouses, but also ace productivity tools. And guess what? There are a plethora of these rocking the market right now. All equipped with the latest tech, … Read more

    Tecno Pova 5 Series: Sleek Design Meets Power-Packed Features, And That Too, Without Breaking The Bank!

    The Chinese tech giant, ‘Tecno’, is making waves in India. Following the footsteps of its Tecno Pova 4 series launched last December, it’s back with the 5 series. If you’re a tech enthusiast, the newly unveiled prices and specs for the Tecno Pova 5 and Tecno Pova 5 Pro 5G will definitely catch your attention. So, what do these stylishly … Read more

    Honor 90 Series: India Welcomes Back Honor with the 90 Series! Dive into the Price & Specs.

    Three years after parting ways with Huawei, Honor’s back in the smartphone game in India. While the brand had hit the pause button on mobiles since 2020, it kept the momentum going with laptops and tablets. PSAV Global held the reins, ensuring these gadgets reached Indian customers. Now, the wait is over! Honor’s set to make waves again with its … Read more

    Redmi Note 13 Series: A Fresh Face in the Note Line-Up… Debuting an Exclusive Feature!

    Redmi has consistently dominated the Indian smartphone scene. Thanks to Xiaomi, this Chinese powerhouse never misses a beat, constantly rolling out innovative models to the delight of gadget aficionados. Buzz has it that Xiaomi’s about to drop its latest: the Redmi Note 13 series this coming October. Sneak peeks and spec leaks are already making waves on social platforms, teasing … Read more

    Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G: Redmi’s Premium Variant has Arrived! Dive into the Price and Features!

    The much-awaited top tier of Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G has made its grand entrance in India. Earlier this year, Xiaomi unveiled three storage options from this series in a lavish launch event in January. Fast forward to now, they’ve rolled out the fourth storage variation in the country. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty – the features, specifications, and pricing … Read more

    Mid-Range Phones in 2023: A Buzz in India With Great Features at Sensible Prices!

    The smartphone industry is all abuzz in India with an array of mid-range phones. Companies are vying to attract the mobile enthusiasts, launching exciting models with powerful processors, remarkable displays, and top-notch camera setups. The trend of 2023? Mid-range smartphones that don’t compromise on quality. Let’s delve into the noteworthy options that are turning heads this year. OnePlus Nord CE … Read more

    From Super Telephoto Lens to Huge Display: Inside the Leaked iPhone 16 Series Features

    Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Are you always on the lookout for the next big thing in smartphones? Well, you’re in luck. Let’s dig into some tantalizing rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPhone 16 series that are making waves in the tech world. Hold onto your hats; it’s going to be a thrilling ride! Five Models on the Horizon Currently, … Read more

    Infinix GT 10 Pro Review: A Standout Phone from Infinix with Features That Make You Go “Wow!”

    August is turning out to be a hot month for smartphone releases in India. State-of-the-art phones from various brands are lining up to greet tech enthusiasts, and among these exciting launches, Infinix is making waves with the GT 10 Pro. Already teasing us with its adaptive LED interface akin to the mysterious Nothing Phone, the Infinix GT 10 Pro has … Read more

    Samsung Galaxy F34 5G: Meet Samsung’s Latest 5G Sensation, Coming Hot on the Heels of Its Sibling!

    Samsung’s dedication to the Indian market is undeniable. With a consistent launch of impressive smartphones, the tech heavyweight has certainly caught our attention. Fresh after last month’s Galaxy M34 5G release, we’re now greeted with the Galaxy F34 5G, almost mirroring the M34 5G series. Pre-orders are underway on Flipkart, and the nation-wide open sale kicks off on August 11. … Read more

    Jio Phone 5G Review: An Affordable 5G Experience! Can It Outshine Major Brands? Let’s Find Out!

    The 5G wave is sweeping the global mobile industry. Top brands are launching the latest 5G models to meet customer demands. Yet, these tend to be pricier than 4G counterparts. Enter Reliance, poised to offer Indians an affordable 5G experience with Jio Phone 5G, developed in partnership with Google. Slated for launch at the 46th Jio Annual General Meeting on … Read more