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  • Check out this Paper Rocket Launcher Guinness World Record video. 

    Everyone is familiar with rockets and how to make paper rockets. As children, we all enjoyed making paper rockets. We used to compete with our buddies by launching our paper rockets as far as we could. But most of us had no idea that playing with paper rockets may land you in the Guinness World Records book. If you have wondered how? Let’s have a look.

    Kim Kyu Tae, a South Korean resident, is good at launching a Paper Plane Rocket. One who practices to this extent. One day Guinness World Records representatives arranged to throw a paper rocket contest at an indoor stadium. Kim entered the competition. He’d launched the paper rocket for a world-record-breaking distance. The distance travelled was estimated to be around 77.134 meters (252 feet 7 inches). Looking back to previous records, in 2012, Joe Ayoob and paper airplane designer John M. Collins achieved a record of 69.14. (226 feet 10 inches). Representatives from Guinness World Records have confirmed that Kim Kyte has shattered the record with his latest achievement. With the help of his friends, Kim was able to make this record, he stated. 

    On its official Instagram account, the Guinness Book of World Records has shared a video of the rocket being launched. This video is doing the rounds on social media.

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