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  • Doctor Says ‘Pay Double the fee if you want me to clear your google doubts’

    Many people have developed the habit of conducting a Google search for any major or minor health issue and interpreting the results in their own way. Some people may take self-medication and cure themselves, while others may cause new problems and seek medical attention. A doctor created a charge rate with various options, one of which is based on diagnosis and treatment and who do diagnosis and treatment, and it has gone viral on the internet.

    Rate Card Viral Tweet

    A recent tweet by @doctor has gone viral, with many people sharing it and recalling their own interactions with doctors. Doctors, on the other hand, have commented that it is a very time-consuming experience for them because people come up with Google knowledge that may or may not be related to the problem they have. a The original tweet depicts different rate cards based on diagnosis and treatment, as well as who does it, and it will undoubtedly make you laugh. The actual tweet is as follows:

    If my Diagnosis and my Treatment cost is 200Rs

    If my Diagnosis and your Treatment cost is 500Rs

    Your Google Doubts 1000Rs

    If your Diagnosis and my treatment cost is 1500Rs

    If your Diagnosis and your treatment cost is 2000Rs

    “If you want me to clear your doubts about Google, you’re gonna have to pay double.