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  • Does Balakrishna overshadow Chiranjeevi in Salt and Pepper looks? Godfather Vs. NBK107, who will win?

    Tollywood’s arch rivals Megastar Chiranjeevi and Natasimham Balakrishna are gearing up to take over this year’s festive season with their much buzzed films, Godfather and NBK107. Both of these stars have shared healthy box office battles since the 90’s. It’s rumoured that both of these acting powerhouses will clash again at the box office after a long gap.

    Chiranjeevi’s Godfather already booked the slot for this dasara season. On the other hand, NBK107’s makers are yet to make an update about the release date, but still there are wide spread rumours that NBK107 is also set to start its rage at the box office during the dasara season along with Godfather.

    Godfather Vs. NBK107 a fan war on Twitter

    It’s interesting how similar the first impressions of NBK107 and The Godfather seem to be. Both glimpses show the mass appeal with a salt-and-pepper hairdo. These parallels have sparked a social media spat. Fans of the two sides are contrasting how their heroes appear.

    Does Balakrishna have an edge over Chiranjeevi?

    Although Chiru and Balayya equally rocked the salt and pepper looks in their own special ways, the competition will only have one winner. According to general opinion, Balayya’s NBK107 look has an advantage over Chiru’s Godfather look. Fans on social media expressed that NBK107’s appearance has an X factor thanks to the lungi aspect; the lungi clothing was the icing on the cake for this appealing look. While talking about Chiru’s Godfather looks the public felt that despite Chiru’s best efforts to appear in a ultra chic mass look, Godfather’s first look lacked the authenticity and looked dull compared to Balayya’s NBK107 first look.

    What do you feel about this? Let us know.

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