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  • DRDO unfolds the reason behind the unexpected blasts of Electric Scooters

    ‘Electric Vehicles’ are now the most in-demand automobiles all over the world. Governments all over the world are urging their citizens to buy electric vehicles. The general public is also opting for electric vehicles as fuel prices continue to rise constantly. 

    Many well-known scooter companies in India, such as Ola, Kinetic Green, Ather, Hero Electric, and Pure EV, produce electric vehicles. Ola achieved a record number of pre-bookings when it unveiled its first electric scooter. With their fresh new EV goods, all of the EV manufacturers were doing booming business, but something unexpected happened this summer. Electric scooters began to explode; at first, only specific manufacturer products were affected, but as time went on, numerous scooter manufacturers exploded. The fate of electric scooters in India has been flipped upside down in the last two months due to an unpredicted eruption of vehicles. An electric vehicle explosion in his home killed one of the owners of the vehicle. In the minds of the public, these explosions became the danger singles. The public opinion of electric vehicles has shifted dramatically, and they are no longer responding positively as they once did. This shift in public opinion concerned the government about the future of electric vehicles, so it tasked its research department, DRDO, with examining the causes of the electric vehicle explosion (Defence Research and Development Organisation).

    Following the government’s lead, DRDO came to EV users with a totally unexpected answer. “Summer temperatures are not even a minor factor in these vehicle blasts,” the DRDO said in reaction to the blasting. “The main reason for EV blasts is the quality checks; manufacturing companies are not testing the vehicle for the second time after combining it with a battery.” “These automotive manufacturers must conduct proper quality and long-term performance assessments,” the DRDO stated.

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