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  • Drone Deliveries to Kick-start in Hyderabad

    We fantasised about flying vehicles and motorcycles, but never about flying food and medicines. In the not-too-distant future, the dream that we never dreamt will come true. Drones are widely studied robots in the modern world, and they are already being utilized in numerous fields such as agriculture, space research, and defense. Now, food and grocery delivery firms are looking at drone services.Marut Dronetech, a Hyderabad-based firm, is helping to distribute drones to these food delivery and logistics companies in conducting trials.

    Food and grocery delivery services like Swiggy and Zomato are planning to implement this cutting-edge technology. Only distributors to distributors are now tested in this operation. Marut, a dronetech startup based in Hyderabad, is conducting the trials.

    “With the support of the Telangana government, we were able to create a drone for a company called The Sky Rocket. Through this experiment, we were able to prove that drones can transport huge payloads of up to 16 kg with temperature control boxes for a variety of reasons,” said Marut Dronetech Founder Prem K. Vislawat.

    He also stated that “Drone delivery is a new phenomenon in India. Other states were interested in this initiative as well. Our drones can simultaneously deliver many medical payloads in a secure and reliable manner. In rural and distant places, drones have been successful in delivering potentially on-demand medicinal items to primary health clinics and sub-centers. Swiggy has chosen us as a trial for this project, which will begin in Hyderabad in June, based on our success. These drones transport groceries and other items from one store to another or from a store to a regular customer point. They are not considering drone delivery to clients at this time. We hope that once the private company-led project is launched, it will motivate other companies to look for drones for delivery in medical logistics and delivery departments,” he said.

    Let’s wait and watch how this technology progresses.

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