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  • Emmanuel Misbehaves with Purnaa on the TV show ‘Sridevi Drama Company’

    Actress Purnaa is well known for her roles in the films ‘Avunu,’ ‘Seema Tapakai,’ and ‘Akhanda.’ Purnaa made a special name for herself in Tollywood. 

    The actress has also featured as a judge on a number of television series in recent years. Her small-screen adventure, on the other hand, has sparked a flood of debates. For unspecified circumstances, the actress recently left the dancing show ‘Dhee.’ Some rumours about her unexpected exit from the dance show are making quite a stir. According to rumors, Purnaa was fed up with the TV show crew’s indecent behavior. Furthermore, the show’s customs, such as hugging and dancing with all of the contestants in every episode, are said to have made her uncomfortable, leading to her departure from the show.

    ‘Sridevi Drama Company, Purna’s another TV show, has become a hot topic among the audience. The show’s most recent promo revealed a glimpse of her fight with Emmanuel, a performer on the show. Purnaa is enraged when she catches Emmanuel touching her without her consent. She leaves the show in the middle, disgusted by Emmanuel’s inappropriate behavior. In the final moment, Anchor Rashmi falls unconscious. This promo perplexed the viewers. The audience of the show was quite interested in finding out what had happened. While the general public perceives it as only a promotional appearance, we will have to wait until June 5 to find out what it actually is.’

    Apart from these controversies the actress recently took a step forward in her life. She recently announced her engagement to JBS group managing director Shanid Asif Ali. This couple got engaged in the presence of their families. Purnaa confirmed it on her social media profiles. Fans and co-stars wished and congratulated her.