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  • Exclusive: Memu Aagamu ft. Allu Arjun, Armaan Malik and Tri.be is out now

    Allu Arjun is the new face of Coca-Cola beverages. The actor teamed up with Armaan Malik and South Korean girl group ‘Tri.be’ for a music video titled “Memu Aagamu”, which is exclusively presented by Coca-Cola beverages.

    The music video for “Memu Aagamu,” starring Allu Arjun, is available on YouTube. Allu Arjun, the Icon star, and Tri.be’s explosive dance routines make this single sound insanely new and fresh. Armaan Malik’s calming vocals really rocked the song. The music for this unique song was created by Lost Stories and ELLY, and the words were written by Kunaal Vermaa, ELLY, and S.TIGER. Collin D’Cunha captured the amazing visuals.

    Allu Arjun shared this video on his social media. Check it out.

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