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  • For the first time since her wedding, Nayanthara returns to the set. The actress has begun filming for Sharukh Khan’s “Jawan.”

    Lady Superstar Nayanthara and director Vignesh Shivan recently exchanged vows in Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, at a private wedding. After getting married, the couple went to Thailand for their honeymoon and returned home two days ago.

    Nayanthara immediately returned to Mumbai after her honeymoon to begin filming on her Bollywood debut film, ‘Jawan.’ ‘Atlee’ is directing Jawan,’ in which she co-stars for the first time with Sharukh Khan. The film is currently being shot in Mumbai, and Atlee was said to have shot some Nayanthra scenes yesterday.

    Fans of the Lady Superstar and general moviegoers alike admire her hard work and dedication. 

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