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  • Gaami OTT Release Date: Streaming Where?

    The latest film ‘Gaami‘ starring young hero Vishwak Sen was released on March 8 amidst high expectations and has garnered a good response from theaters. Vishwak has been praised for his career-best performance, receiving positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. This has led to growing anticipation for the film’s OTT release. It is now reported that the OTT release date for the movie has been locked, with an official announcement expected within the next two or three days. Let’s look into the details.

    OTT Release Date Announced!

    ‘Gaami’ has made its way to Zee5 for its OTT debut after a successful run in theaters last month. The digital premiere has been a topic of much speculation on social media, with rumors circulating widely. Yet, official confirmation from Zee5 has been pending. Amidst the anticipation, there’s a robust buzz suggesting that ‘Gaami’ will start streaming on OTT by April 12. Viewers can look forward to an official announcement from Zee5 in the coming days, much to the delight of those eager to watch the film on OTT.

    ‘Gaami’ Fills the Void

    Vishwak Sen, until now, has primarily been seen in lover boy roles and youthful entertainers. However, his role in the recent release ‘Gaami’ is starkly different. Directed by Vidyaadhar Kagita, Vishwak portrays an Aghori in this adventurous thriller, captivating the audience with his performance. ‘Gaami’ serves as a distinct attempt that has pleasantly surprised Telugu cinema audiences, addressing the scarcity of experimental films in the industry. The effort Vishwak Sen put into portraying the character of Aghori Shankar is evident on screen.

    What’s the Story?

    Aghori Shankar (Vishwak Sen) struggles with a bizarre problem where human touch causes him unbearable pain, leading to his skin cracking open upon contact. A sage tells him that the solution lies in the Himalayas, where touching a flower that blooms once every 36 years can cure him. Shankar sets off on a quest to the Himalayas to find this flower. Meanwhile, in a parallel world, a devadasi (Abhinaya) is ostracized by her village after giving birth, and somewhere else, human experiments are being conducted in a secret location. How do these subplots relate to Aghori Shankar? What challenges does Shankar face on his journey to the Himalayas? That’s the story.

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