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  • Good News for Mahesh Babu Fans #SSMB28 will start shooting this month.

    The shooting for #SSMB28 is reportedly set to begin this month, which is good news for Mahesh Babu fans. It appears like everything is ready for #SSMB28; pre-production work is already underway, and the script has also been completed. Trivikram was tasked with rewriting and reading the script for Mahesh Babu, as we previously reported.

    Mahesh Babu’s co-star in this movie, SSMB28, is Pooja Hegde. Mahesh Babu is anxious to join the crew on sets after just returning from the USA strip. Fans are expecting a lot from this movie because Trivikram and Mahesh babu’s previous collaboration, the highly successful Athadu (2005) and Khaleja, has raised expectations among viewers (2006).

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