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  • Half of Telugu Hero remunerations to be paid after release of the movie?

    The Tollywood producers’ guild has decided to halt the shootings from August 1. The guild made this choice in an effort to stem the current Telugu film industry financial crisis. 76 active Tollywood producers agreed with the guild’s decision to cease the filming.

    In the years after the pandemic, actor remunerations have risen exponentially, putting a heavy load on producers. On the other side, the theaters have now slowly begun to feel the effects of early streaming deals, inflation, and high ticket costs. Tollywood’s theatrical revenue has fallen to an all-time low in the last six months.

    According to recent sources, the producers’ guild has developed a new plan to cut the production firms’ loss ratio. Under the new plan, the heroes will receive 50% of their remuneration prior to the film’s release and another 50% when it opens, or from the profits. Particularly the high interest rate on loans from private financiers, this will lessen the burden.

    This new proposal is gaining mixed responses from industry insiders and the general public. Let’s see how the producers’ guild works this out.

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