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  • ‘Happy Birthday’ director Ritesh Rana cheated me says Comedian Satya

    ‘Happy Birthday,’ starring Lavanya Tripati, will be released on July 8. As the release date approaches, the film’s promotional campaign has begun with a bang. The team devised some innovative marketing strategies. The creators recently released a promotional video for the activity. The promo was styled after a TV debate show, with comedian Satya losing his cool with director Ritesh Rana for failing to keep his promise to keep him as the Hero in ‘Happy Birthday.’ Satya insists on Ritesh Rana taking part in the live debate. Agastya Naresh also attacked Ritesh Rana, claiming that he also promised him the role of hero in the film ‘Happy Birthday.’

    Catch the full debate today at 4PM exclusively on ‘Newsense TV’.