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  • Happy Birthday Puri Jagannadh: Can this ace director gain back his success?

    The name Puri Jagannadh requires no introduction in Indian cinema. For fans of Telugu movies specifically. He pioneered the commercial film genre in modern Telugu cinema. The filmmaker has produced a significant number of blockbuster movies over his career thanks to his exceptional abilities. Puri has emerged as the Telugu film industry’s torchbearer of a new style of cinema amid the same old, tried and tested movies.

    But recently, this talented director has become the subject of intense criticism and unrest. The folks who praised him in the past were now mocking him. With his latest “Liger” flop, this has intensified. Many industry leaders and critics are beginning to lose trust in this filmmaker as a result of all of his past films’ poor performances. No major celebrity is reportedly interested in collaborating with Puri Jagnnadh presently. Even the audience began to get disinterested in Puri Jagannadh’s movies.

    Why do Puri Jagannadh’s movies fare poorly at the box office?   Can he revive once more? Let’s discuss 

    How Puri’s narrative has changed?

    In comparison to other directors, Puri’s writing approach is highly distinctive. His flawless speech and composition fool the audience. The speech in his movies is consistently memorable. He doesn’t actually dedicate a lot of time to creating films. He is the type of filmmaker who once produced a movie every six months. This pace can, however, occasionally come across as hurried. The impact is clear when you look closely at his most recent movies. Numerous passages appear awkward and illogical. He was unable to effectively create a film the way he had in the past. His most recent films, “Paisa Vasool” and “Liger,” are eloquent demonstrations of how his filmmaking ability is declining.

    Weak Scripts 

    Puri Jagannadh hasn’t really dazzled the reviewers and public with his tale in a while. The most recent movie to receive praise for his writing was NTR’s “Temper.” After that movie, Puri completely lost his track and did movies like “Paisa Vasool,” which is said to be the subpar version of Mahesh Babu’s “Pokiri,” and other movies like “Ismart Shanker,” which was a box office hit despite receiving negative feedback. He put in at least two hard years of labour on “Liger,” which turned out to be the biggest flop in Telugu film and genuinely lacked a soul in its narrative.

    Did Puri lost the trust of the Industry?

    After a string of failures, it is said that the heroes have lost trust in Puri. Vijay ended ‘Janganamana’ because he was unhappy with Liger’s outcome . Earlier, Mahesh and Puri were going to star in this movie but Mahesh moved out of the project . There is a talk that no actor is in a position to trust this filmmaker now that Vijay has disassociated himself. But everyone is aware of this talented director’s abilities. It won’t be difficult for Puri to silence his detractors and trolls if he sticks rigidly to the plot and content.

    Will Puri Jagannnadh give an Industry Hit again?

    For Puri Jagnadh these kind of  setbacks are very common says many of his director colleagues. He has previously experienced several failures in his professional career and recovered strongly with hits like “Pokiri” and “Temper”. Recently, filmmaker VV. Vinayak asserted that although Puri often fails, he will undoubtedly bounce back with a resounding triumph. He will cause it to happen once more, as we have seen him fall and rise before.

    Unquestionably, one of the pioneers of today’s Telugu film is Puri Jagannadh. His movies have established resounding success only some can dream of. Hoping he makes a major blockbuster comeback this time, bigger and better.

    The YouSay family sends birthday greetings to this Ace filmmaker.

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