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  • Happy Birthday to the ‘Musical Maestro’ Ilayaraja

    When we look back into Indian music history, ‘Musical Maestro’ Ilayaraja comes top of the list. He continues to have a significant influence on our music to this day. He is the first South Indian composer to incorporate Western influences into Indian music. His timeless albums have indelible imprints on our hearts. Ilayaraja is the most decorated musician in India. He was named India’s all-time top film music composer in a CNN-IBN poll in 2013. Simply put, Indian music would be devoid of him.

    Today is the birthday of living legend Ilayaraja, the ‘Maestro’ who brought Indian cinema music worldwide acclaim. Ilayaraja was born in Chennai on June 2, 1943. To date, he has composed music for over 1400 films. In India, he is known as the “God of Music.” This music legend has written over 7000 songs and performed at over 20,000 concerts. He has five national awards for his contributions to film and music. He has received the Sangeet Natak Academy, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Vibhushan, the highest honours bestowed by the Indian government on its citizens.