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  • Hero Gopichand was injured on the set.

    Gopichand, the action hero, is said to have been hurt on the set of his 30th film. However, the filmmakers revealed to the press that he escaped from the accident with minor injuries. Gopichand was in Mysore filming for his upcoming film, which is still untitled and directed by Sirwaas. The actor was said to have been hurt when he slipped from a high vantage point on set.

    The producers of Gopichand on 30 have alerted the media about his injury and asked his family and friends not to be concerned about his condition because his condition is steadily improving.

    “A leg slip prompted the actor to go down, according to the producers. Nothing horrible happened to him because of God’s mercy.”


    Gopichand is rumoured to be executing stunts without the assistance of his stunt double. Sriwaas and Gopichand previously collaborated on Lakshyam and Loukyam. Their third collaboration is Gopichand’s 30th film. Aaradugula Bullet and Seeti Maar were Gopichand’s most recent projects. His film “Pakka Commercial” is set to release on July 1st 2022. Gopichand, who is known for his high-action films, has established himself as one of Tollywood’s most beloved actors. Let us all hope for a speedy recovery for this celebrity.

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