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  • Husband Divorces Wife For Cooking Maggi Every Day

    Maggi noodles are also renowned as a dish that can be prepared in less than five minutes. This dish has become a trend in our cuisine. But who eats Maggi three to four times a day? Hardly anyone?. If so,for how long? A man from Karnataka just had enough Maggi and intended to divorce his wife in order to stop eating it. What, why, and where did it happen? Let’s have a look.

    ML Raghunath, the Principal District and Sessions Court Judge in Karnataka He recently discussed about the number of couples divorcing for petty reasons has been on the rise in the country. To brief this topic in detail he narrated one of his past experiences. As per his revelation a divorce case that came up when he was a judge in the Bellary District Court. A man from Bellary filed for divorce from his wife. His wife only made Maggi for every meal of the day, he claimed to the court. He was annoyed with her since she could only make Maggi. He also mentioned that his wife only carries large chunks of Maggi noodles with her when she goes shopping. She cooks Maggi three to four times a day. He was so fed up with her that he decided to divorce her. Despite the fact that counseling was undertaken in accordance with court instructions, the two parties were unable to reach an agreement. By mutual consent, the couple divorced.

    This revelation by the Judge ML Raghunath has gone viral on social media. Netizens are making many memes of this incident, take a look.