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  • ‘I won’t trim down the runtime of ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ : Director, Vivek Athreya

    ‘Ante Sundaraniki,’ starring Nani and Nazriya, opened to positive reviews on June 9th. Despite favourable reviews, the film’s first weekend box office performance in Telugu states was underwhelming. Many factors, including ticket price increases, low promotions, the OTT effect, and claims that the film could be cut down, particularly in the first half, contributed to the film’s low opening figures, according to trade analysts and critics.

    At a recent movie success meet, director Vivek Athreya responded to the film’s runtime.

    “We have no plans to cut the film’s length.” We believe that this is the best runtime for this film as a whole. Many people believe that the first half moves slowly while the second half moves quickly. Do you think that if I can make a quick second half, I can’t make a quick first half? It’s not about the timing; the first half is all about Sundar and Leela’s character development and brief narration, which connects every emotion in the second half. Unlike a typical love story, where the main characters fall in love in one or two moments, my film takes a different approach. In my opinion, this film requires this amount of time to express the message that I truly want to convey.”


    The response of filmmaker Vivek Athreya outraged Nani fans and the general public. According to the public, this film could be cut by at least 30 minutes, and some argue that Vivek should give the editor complete creative control over the film. Others, on the other hand, praised Vivek and his cinematic approach.

    Present Scenario of Film Business

    Given the current trend, it will be difficult for the director to keep the audience on the edge of their seats for three hours. Unless and until it contains something truly significant, the audience prefers to watch a longer film. The most recent example is “RRR.” However, it is extremely difficult for a filmmaker to persuade an audience for three hours with a slow-paced narration in a love story. Despite initially positive word of mouth, it appears that the film’s length had a significant impact on its box office statistics.

    What’s your take on Vivek Athreya’s statement ?