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  • In Mahbubabad, a man files for divorce from his wife after discovering she had married eight people before him.

    A sensational case was reported in Mahabubabad about a woman who was said to have married eight times in a row before marrying her ninth husband. Squabbles began within two months of their marriage. The husband was perplexed as to why his wife was behaving this way, so he decided to inquire about her and was surprised to learn about her.

    Swapna from Mahabubabad, Telangana, married Venkatesh from Gampalagude, Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. Venkatesh settled in Bangalore because he was working as a software developer there. Their marriage is in disarray after two months of bliss. Venkatesh became suspicious because Swapna was constantly on the phone. After a little digging, Venkatesh discovered the sensational things that were actually going on, and he discovered Swapna had been married eight times before him, and many of her husbands had died.

    Knowing this, Venkatesh filed a divorce case against Swapna in the police station. Swapna retaliated by filing a case against Venkatesh, claiming that it is not her but him who is married multiple times. When the police inquired about this, Swapna complained that her husband had hit him and she began staging a dharna in front of the Mahabubabad police station demanding justice for herself.

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