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  • Is PM Modi following CM KCR strategy?

    According to many political analysts, KCR and Modi are mastermind politicians who prefer to do things their way. However, one of Modi’s recent actions shows that he has adopted one of KCR’s ideas for the 2024 election campaign.

    KCR’s Surprise announcement about the state level government Job recruitment

    KCR is known as a street smart who can easily gauge public sentiment when it comes to election strategies. Sensing the gravity of the opposition’s criticism of the government for water, funds, and jobs over the last three and a half years, KCR surprised everyone by announcing 80,000 government job openings. TRS Party has grown in strength as a result of KCR’s Government Job Recruitment initiative to help the unemployed and it gave them the confidence to meet people.

    Did Modi follow KCR’s strategy?

    When Modi took office in 2014, he promised to create 2 crore jobs. That promise, however, could not be kept. As the Modi government enters its second term, the pressure is evident, with mounting economic challenges and a dismal job growth rate. Modi and his team realized they needed to do something to reduce their losses. So Modi took KCR’s idea and made a sensational announcement of 10 lakh recruitments in all GOI departments and Ministries over a 1.5-year period. Modi and KCR’s surprise announcements are their weapons for surviving the upcoming elections.

    Does unemployment really have such an impact on elections?

    It is not an exaggeration to say that in a country with the world’s largest young population, unemployment is a major factor in elections. According to numerous polls, the main thing people expect from the government is jobs. Every year, over a million new job seekers enter the country, but only 2 lakh and 20,000 vacancies are created. The country’s unemployment rate rose to 23.5 percent during the COVID period. The rate has since fallen, but it was 7.12 percent last month. Only 40% of the country’s population is employed, compared to 60% worldwide. India lags behind Bangladesh in this regard.

    KCR and Modi are well aware of the benefits this brings, and these job announcements will be game changers for them, so these leaders cleverly implemented their plans right before the elections. But one major question remains though, are these jobs enough?