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  • Is Ranbir Kapoor’s’ ‘Brahmastra’ ‘loosely inspired by Amish Tripathi’s book ‘The Immortals of Meluha’?

    ‘Brahmastra,’ the most anticipated Bollywood film, is only two months away from its theatrical release. With a massive budget of 300 crore, ‘Brahmastra’ is being made as one of the most prestigious films in Bollywood. The film was announced in 2014, but it was shelved and delayed for a variety of reasons over the years. ‘Brahmastra’ will be the first project in the ‘Astraverse’ trilogy. This fantasy-action film will be released in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, as well as Hindi, on September 9. Nagarjuna, Tollywood’s leading man, has a key role in this upcoming film.

    There are numerous theories about the development and inspiration for Brahmasatra’s story, which has undergone numerous changes and rewrites over time. According to some sources, Ayan Mukerji’s upcoming fantasy-action film is loosely based on Amish Tripathi’s ‘The Immortals of Meluha,’ the first book in the ‘Amishverse.’

    What is the storyline of ‘The Immortals of Meluha’?

    Amish wrote about the Meluhans, who once thrived vigorously under Lord Rama and other Suryavanshi rulers, but the glorious days of Meluhans and Suryavanshi rules come to an end as their sacred river dries up and famine strikes the Meluhans. The Chandravanshis, Suryavanshis’ adversaries, band together with the cursed nags and launch attacks on them. Suryavanshi’s disheartened kingdom awaits a messiah to deliver them from their enemies.

    Is Lord Shiva the Meluhans’ Messiah? Will he assist the Meluhans? What happens to Shiva? The rest of the book’s plot revolves around these questions.

    What Does Ayan Mukerji Say About Brahmsatra & Astraverse?

    In terms of plot and development, Director Ayan Mukerji stated that the upcoming film ‘Brahmastra’ represents the themes of ancient wisdom, energies, and power. He also described it as a new-age film with ancient elements. Rumi’s quote “love is the bridge between you and everything,” according to Mukerji, was the main inspiration for this film. Which can be seen in the film’s first trailer.

    The creators also confirmed that ‘Brahmastra’ will launch their own cinematic universe, dubbed ‘Astraverse.’ Brahmastra: Part One, Shiva is the first film in the ‘Astraverse’ trilogy.

    Public Opinion

    Because the film follows the story of Lord Shiva, many fans and Hindu mythology scholars have their own thoughts and theories about the plot. Some claim that it is a mythological superhero film based solely on the ‘Shiva Purana.’ On social media, there is a heated debate about this topic, with many fan-based theories. We may have to wait another 60 days to solve the mystery.

    This article was written before the trailer was released, and it was based on a valid guess. Now as per the trailer, Brahmastra appears to be set in the present day, with a completely different premise, and it may or may not be inspired by the book ‘Meluha.’