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  • Is Rohit Sharma and Sourav Ganguly starring in ‘Mega Blockbuster’?

    The audience is perplexed by the Mega Blockbuster posters that are now popular on the internet. Nobody is aware of what ’s happening in this campaign. All of this began when Kapil Sharma posted a picture of himself online with the title, “Mega Blockbuster.” Later, Deepika Padukone posted a picture of herself online with the same tagline, and Trisha, Rashmika, and Karthi soon joined the poster gang. We are now able to see the posters for “Mega Blockbuster,” which advertise the movie’s appearance by the same celeb and the release of the trailer on September 4th.

    Regarding this trend, audiences have become dazed and perplexed. Even star cricketer Rohit Sharma and BCCI president Sourav Ganguly were featured in this campaign.

    Even while we are aware that a movie with this impressive a cast is not being produced, this might simply be a marketing campaign or social awareness initiative. Whether on purpose or accidentally, BCCI president Sourav Ganguly’s Facebook post revealed the online platform “Meesho” on his Mega Blockbuster post. With this, the general public has all but established that this is a “Meesho” advertising campaign.

    These celebrities and “Meesho” are being criticised by online users for deceiving the public in the name of advertising efforts.

    Buzz is that Tollywood’s megapower star Ram Charan is also part of this commercial.

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