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  • KABZA MOVIE REVIEW: Upendra’s one-man show

    Kabja, the upcoming film from the Kannada film industry, is generating a lot of buzz following the success of KGF 2 and Kantara. Starring ‘Indian Real Star’ Upendra, Kichcha Sudeep, and Shivraj Kumar, the movie has attracted the attention of mass audiences as well as fans of the three superstars. Also, the trailer bore similarities to KGF, and it generated high expectations for the film. The Movie is releasing today, the question is whether the director was able to do justice to the presence of three such huge stars. Let’s take a look and find out.

    Director: R. Chandru

    Starring: Upendra, Sudeep, Shivraj Kumar, and others

    Music: Ravi Basrur

    Cinematography: AJ Shetty


    This is the story that happened before the independence of the country. Arakeshwara (Upendra) is an Airforce officer.. due to circumstances he becomes an underworld don. The British government appoints Bhargav Bhakshi (Kiccha Sudeep) to confront Arakeshwara. How did he face the problems from them? What is Shivraj Kumar’s role in this? is the story.

    The story takes place before India’s independence and centers around Arakeshwara (played by Upendra), an Airforce officer who, due to certain circumstances, ends up becoming an underworld don. Meanwhile, the British government assigns Bhargav Bhakshi (played by Kiccha Sudeep) to confront him as he rules over the country. The film delves into how Arakeshwara navigates the challenges presented by Bhargav and the British government. Additionally, Shivraj Kumar also plays a role in the story, What is his Role? Read More

    How is the Movie?

    Comparisons to KGF have been rampant ever since the release of the Kabja trailer, and many viewers are disappointed as they go into the movie with those expectations in mind.

    At the start of the film, there is a definite similarity to KGF, with a similar backdrop and the protagonist being a gangster who must face off against the government. However, Upendra who acted in two roles delivers strong performances and carries the film with ease.

    Despite the similarities, it would have been better if the director had taken some precautions to differentiate the film more. The screenplay could have been written in a more gripping manner, which is where director Chandru falls short.

    Kiccha Sudeep, as always, delivers a solid performance and does justice to his character. Shivanna’s guest role in the film is also good, but the lack of screen time is a downside.


    Kabja boasts impressive technical prowess, with Ravi Basrur’s music standing out once again. Basrur masterfully uses background music to enhance each scene, creating an amazing audio experience for the audience.

    However, the cinematography is only okay, with criticism directed at the editing, which could have been better. Additionally, the color tone in the film is a bit dull.

    Unfortunately, the VFX in the movie is very poor and fails to impress the audience.

    The climax hints at a possible Kabja 2, with the fate of the sequel currently dependent on the success of the first film.






    The story


    KGF Style scenes

    Rating: 2.75/5

    If the audience watches Kabja without expecting it to be similar to KGF, they are likely to enjoy the film.

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