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  • Kamal Hassan Gifts a luxurious car to Vikram’s Director Lokesh Kanagaraj

    Lokesh Kanagaraj has brought the aura and charisma of Kamal Hassan back to the big screens with his film ‘Vikram.’ The film is running super successfully in theaters with rave reviews and whooping box office numbers. Vikram has made a worldwide gross of 175 crore in just 3 days. 

    Universal Hero’s waning acting career received a much-needed boost with “Vikram.” In the last 10 years Kamal Hassan has made a number of films, however most of them underperformed in all languages, while some films stood as average grossers in Tamil. Even his most ambitious projects, Vishwaroopam 1 and 2, also bombed at the boxoffice . He stepped away from acting to pursue a career in politics, putting his acting career on hold. This approach to a politician’s career is equally unproductive. Kamal’s career eventually became befuddling, with a run of failures in both film and real life. The last super hit he had was “Dashavataram” in 2008.

    However, ‘Ulaganayagan’ decided to return to acting with Indian 2, but the film was shelved for unclear reasons. Then Lokesh Kanigaraj approached  Kamal Hassan with a script that was written specifically for him, which was projected as ‘Vikram’. This film will always hold a special place in Kamal’s heart because it revived his legendary acting career. With Vikram’s success, the Universal Actor is back again in the biggest box office numbers

    Kamal Hassan conveyed his gratitude by gifting his director, Lokesh Kanigarajan, a brand new Lexus sports car. Lokesh himself is a big fan of Kamal Hassan, having the time of his life. He even received a special message from Kamal Hassan in the form of a letter.

    Take a look at the adorable photos of this duo.