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  • Kavya Maran: The Unwilling Star in Sunrisers Hyderabad’s IPL Saga

    Sunrisers Hyderabad is one of the teams in the IPL with a massive fan following. Millions of fans in the Telugu states consider SRH as their own team and support them wholeheartedly. However, for the past few seasons, the Hyderabad team has been facing severe disappointments, which hasn’t been appealing to the fans. The failure to select the right players at the right time and the inability of key players to perform have caused fans immense frustration. As a result, fans are directing their anger at the Sunrisers’ management, particularly targeting SRH owner Kavya Maran. Fans are trolling Kavya on social media, holding her responsible for SRH’s losses.

    Once Kavya Maran’s name is mentioned on Twitter, numerous trolling posts emerge. However, it can be said that currently, Kavya Maran has more craze than the SRH team itself. When Kavya arrives to watch a match, all the cameras on the field instantly turn toward her. Whether Sunrisers’ players hit a six or take a wicket, the cameramen’s focus immediately shifts to Kavya. Consequently, the excitement she creates in the stands while cheering for the team is unparalleled. In crucial moments, when a Sunrisers batter gets out, frustration is evident on Kavya’s face. Currently, such videos are trending on social media.

    Kavya Maran, daughter of Sun Group chairman Kalanithi Maran and owner of Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), seems to dislike the camera repeatedly focusing on her during matches. During the SRH vs PBKS match, Kavya expressed her frustration at the camera turning towards her again, exclaiming “Hey, you!” in annoyance. This video is going viral on social media, with many netizens commenting, “Why so angry, Kavya?”

    Kalanithi Maran is the owner of the Sunrisers, but Kavya’s interest in cricket has led her to take on the responsibilities of the franchise. She is involved in key player acquisitions and actively engages with the team. Despite the team’s consecutive failures, Kavya remains optimistic. Every season, she works hard to build a strong team for SRH, but the players have yet to meet her expectations.

    Comparing it to the last IPL season, the SRH team appears much stronger. South African batter Markram taking on captaincy responsibilities has infused new enthusiasm into the team. With this momentum, SRH achieved a resounding victory over Punjab by 8 wickets in their last match. They showcased their strength in batting and bowling, proving their potential to rival teams. The Sunrisers players hope to continue this momentum in the remaining matches. After 2016, they aim to win the elusive IPL trophy and present it as a gift to Kavya Maran with determination.

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